10 signs your workplace culture is Toxic

Posted-on July 2023 By Amy Bates

Toxic workplaces have stressful, unethical, competitive, dismissive, and noninclusive environments. Employee stress and burnout can be exacerbated by a toxic environment.

When faced with an unpleasant working environment, employees aren’t afraid to leave, and it’s usually your top performers that leave first. More than ever, business leaders must address workplace toxicity issues.

A toxic company culture will wear down an organisation by paralysing its workforce, diminishing its productivity and stifling creativity and innovation.

10 signs your workplace culture is Toxic:

  • The company’s core values are not being adhered to or used as the basis for how the organisation functions.
  • Employee suggestions are discarded, meaning employees are afraid to give honest feedback.
  • Micromanaging. Little to no independence is given to employees in performing their jobs.
  • When blaming and punishment from management is the norm.
  • Excessive absence, illness and high employee turnover.
  • Overworking is expected.
  • Little or strained interaction between employees and management.
  • Gossiping and/or social cliques.
  • Favouritism and office politics.
  • Aggressive or bullying behaviour.


What’s the cure for a toxic work culture?

  • Leaders must show – Respect, Integrity, Authenticity, Appreciation, Empathy and Trust.
  • While toxic work cultures are generally a combination of poor leadership and individuals who prolong the culture.
  • Toxicity in the workplace is costly, and unhappy or disengaged employees cost companies billions of pounds every year in lost revenues, settlements and other damages.
  • Once you identify the major problems by gathering information, develop a plan and follow through. It may mean training, moving or simply getting rid of bad management, who are the root cause of toxicity in the workplace.
  • Show employees you care and are committed to improving their workplace environment. Your employees can be your greatest asset, but it all depends on how you treat them.