How to Prevent Bad Leadership from Hurting Your Company Brand

Posted-on July 2023 By Amy Bates

The traits of a successful company always point to its leadership. Leadership isn’t just about steering the company; it’s also about tapping into your employees’ needs and helping them overcome challenges to embrace the tasks set before them. This creates loyalty that moves the business strategies of the organisation forward. The result is an employer brand that attracts top talent who serve as the backbone of a strong corporate brand.

That being said, poor leadership can have a different effect, driving talent away from the company and weakening the employer brand.

Become concerned when leaders don’t:

Listen: to those they lead or utilise their talents
Share: intel about the company with their team
Prioritise: honesty or respect with their team

Strong leadership isn’t about perfection. Rather, it’s about not being afraid to fail, admitting to mistakes and staying on course.


When hiring, there are three traits to consider during the interview.


Pay attention to leaders who:

Have people skills: People skills and the ability to excite teams are important. Leaders with these qualities drive growth and are able to represent the external brand with marketing and public relations.

Own their failures: Leaders often focus on their accomplishments. Those who own up to their mistakes are more relatable to not only team members, but external stakeholders.

Empower staff: Strong leaders avoid micromanaging and instead, lean on their staff’s expertise. When employees feel they are empowered, it drives operations and creates great company culture and innovation.