Impact Player Alert! – HR Business Partner (Interim)

Posted-on February 2024 By Amy Bates

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An experienced HR business partner who expertly navigates organisational challenges to promote growth and a positive workplace culture, who is currently open to new interim opportunities

Successful Career Impact:
  • Led CEO transition from daily operations to strategic growth, implementing PDP with a concise one-page strategy, resulting in a 91% participation rate and an 88% employee engagement rate, a notable increase from the 2020 rate of 72%.
  • Coordinated a successful 18-month GDPR compliance project, including data mapping, awareness training, and policy building; achieved support from Information Asset Owners with a focus on collaboration and teamwork.
  • Enhanced a General Manager’s PDR process through external coaching, 360 feedback, and 9-box evaluations, fostering collaborative goal-setting and improved performance across the Senior Leadership Team and entire workforce.
  • Efficiently executed a project to modernise and standardise working arrangements, conducting a comprehensive evaluation of terms and conditions for 900 employees across 13 nationwide manufacturing and logistic facilities.
  • Successfully managed the closure of a 150-employee site, prioritising respectful treatment of affected staff, offering numerous opportunities for meaningful alternative employment within the client’s other sites or the local area, and achieving all project objectives on schedule and in alignment with cultural specifications.

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