Impact Player Alert! Regional Service Director – 58002

Posted-on December 2023 By Amy Bates

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An outstanding Regional Service Director who is open to new opportunities.
  • Successfully led the transformation initiatives that delivered excellent results, including a 10% increase in the company’s gross margin.
  • Under their leadership, their team successfully secured the largest contract outside of their region, with a value over £2 million. In addition, they not only retained this contract, but also expanded this significant deal.
  • As UK Operational Lead, they successfully led the implementation of a CRM system, effectively replacing their outdated system. This transition was a significant step forward in modernising the technology infrastructure, resulting in increased operational efficiency and the delivery of a modern, integrated solution adapted to the company’s requirements.
  • Effectively mentored and coached their team, enabling them to advance professionally while receiving well-deserved promotions. Their dedication to fostering a positive work environment resulted in the highest regional employee engagement scores in the UK in 2021 and 2022, reaching an incredible 74% in both years.
  • Led a team to an outstanding six-year safety record with zero harm incidents. They achieved this by fostering a strong safety culture and maintaining a highly engaged and goal-driven workforce. This achievement demonstrates their exceptional ability to maintain a balance between financial success and safety commitment.

If you would like to discuss this exceptional individual in more detail, please contact or call +44 (0)161 448 8283.