Amy Bates

‚ÄčAmy manages the promotion and positioning of The Hill Group’s services whilst raising brand awareness through creation.

She is always well informed of any new laws and regulations, and ensures they are in place effectively. In March 2019, Kate was awarded the ‘Special Recognition Award’ for helping the MRINetwork prepare and plan for GDPR.

She is great at collaborating with the team, understanding, and sharing our vision, goals and aspirations. Through the research and analysis she does, she is able to
bring to life what we envisage.

“It is exciting to have the creative freedom, as well as the trust when creating marketing campaigns and content.”

Kate is excellent at formulating strategies that will improve the performance and production of the business, and increases the quality of The Hill Group’s service. She is also an integral part in setting goals that promote company growth.

She is always well informed of any new laws and regulations, and ensures they are in place effectively. In March 2019, Kate was awarded the ‘Special Recognition Award’ for helping the MRINetwork prepare and plan for GDPR.

Kate is also responsible for identifying and finding the right talent in accordance with our Client’s brief, which provides invaluable support to our recruiters, enabling them to focus on supporting their Clients and Candidates which creates a smoother recruitment process. From the in-depth research Kate does into finding the right talent, we know they will be a great fit and our Clients are always impressed with the final shortlist presented to them.

“I really enjoy going the extra mile and digging deeper to find the best candidates for a role. I find it really rewarding when both the Candidate and Client feel like they have had exceptional service from us at The Hill Group.”

Rebecca has spent 9 years specialisng in Aircraft Interiors and related aerospace composites, recruiting for MRO’s, manufacturers and DOA’s internationally. She has partnered with some of the largest aerospace brands globally, as well as working with SME’s and interim businesses.

Her specialities are:

  • Member of the Royal Aeronautical society.
  • Expert knowledge of the aircraft modification industry.
  • Interview coaching for both candidate and client.
  • Talent planning and management coaching for clients.
  • Interview coaching for both candidate and client.
  • Sourcing and delivering the right candidate, as well as providing live market data on each search through progress reports and post search reports.
  • Providing tailored recruitment solutions, driven by the clients need timescale and budget.

“I am passionate about helping companies grow their business by introducing employees who make a positive impact.”

Sandra Hill’s ambition was to own and run her own recruitment company, and for over 25 years she has led and developed the executive search experience for both clients and candidates. She specialises in industrial engineering, which includes Automotive, Aerospace, Oil and Gas, and Power Generation, focusing on key areas such as mechanical and electrical, interiors, rotating equipment, coatings, supplying OEMs, first-tier suppliers, and the service/aftermarket sectors.

Sandra works across multiple geographies and has a deep understanding and appreciation for diversity and inclusion in all forms.

She has a unique ability to build strong relationships with her clients and understand their needs through in-depth questioning to ensure she understands what they expect from this new member of staff or team.  She has a track record of successfully placing exceptional talent who not only drive business transformation but also fit well in terms of culture and core values.

“I believe that when conducting a search, it requires getting to know my clients.  I focus on learning about their business’ leadership style, core values, company culture, and the type of personality they would like and believe will have a positive impact on their business.

When interviewing candidates, I ask them what they are looking for in terms of challenges, advancement, and the types of people they want to work with. Also, discuss issues on a personal level to ensure that any changes will benefit the entire family. I build a solid and honest partnership while learning about their professional and personal goals.”

Sandra’s experience enables her to assess a candidate’s skills and experience when reviewing their profile and CV, but she is most interested in learning about their values, the working culture they enjoy, the environment they believe their personality will suit, and their aspirations. She believes that knowing this is critical because it enables her to present her clients with the best candidates who will have an innovative and transformative impact on the business while also being a good fit in terms of workplace culture. As a result, 88% of the candidates she has placed are still employed by the companies five years later.

Sandra has received numerous recognition awards including several International Office of the Year awards delivering more global business than colleagues around the world.

Sandra’s support for businesses and candidates is described as “striving daily to deliver successful transformation through the people I introduce to each other.”