Throughout a search, we provide our Clients with reports to update them with how the search is going, and to highlight any issues we may come across during a search. We believe that reporting our findings is valuable, as they give us a clear view of how the search is going and where the client may need to reassess their expectations. They also enable both us and the client to learn what steps were taken that worked well and need to remain visible for future searches. They also help us to learn and improve from the process itself.

Research Report:

This report is sent to the client at the beginning of a search, to ensure we are looking in the right places for the candidates. It shows the pre-screening process our Research Team go through in order to create a candidate target list, assessing the top three skills desired by the client, the relevant job titles and companies and those who meet the criteria of the search.

Progress Report:

This report is sent to the client at the end of each week to update them with how the search is going. We report on the number candidates how many are moving forward to the next stage of the process and why people didn't want to progress to the next stage of the process. We also report on the salary brackets of those candidates who have the right experience for the role. This can help the Client to see that the offering salary may not be right in the current market. This report helps highlight any issues/concerns we have come across during a search, enabling us to work with the client in order to make the search successful.

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