Recruitment Solutions

Our services are geared to accessing the skills you need to make the impact on your business to achieve your goals and objectives.  We are passionate and committed towards providing you the service you require, and demonstrate that we are the recruiting partner that will pull it all together for you.

The range of services we offer depend on your needs, urgency and the process that you wish to engage.

Retained Solution:

This service is utilised by the majority of companies we work with, as it has the most impact and dedicated resources especially if the talent you wish to access is not readily available in the market. This service entails a three payment process stage one at agreement, stage two at submission of the short list and the final stage at offer and acceptance by the candidate. We offer and deliver:

  • Needs Analysis Profile: Within the first few days take a Needs Profile from the main Decision Makers (Analysis DM’s)

  • Research Report: A report is sent to the Client at the beginning of a search, to ensure we are looking in the right places for the candidates. 

  • Assessing the Candidates: Our Project Coordinators will contact potential Candidates from the long lists created by our Research Team.

  • Interview with the Candidate: An in-depth interview to qualify the candidates experience and motivators is conducted. this call lasts around 1.5 hrs - 2 hrs.

  • CV Evaluation: Reviewing the Candidates’ skills and experience.

  • Personal Career Assessment:This is a tool sent to the Candidates who are progressing to the next stage of our process. It assists both the Client and Candidate to know that this will be the right move for them.

  • Shortlist Presentation: Presentation to the client of the best candidates who match their brief including; CV, Candidate Summary Notes, Personal Career Assessment.

  • Weekly Progress Reports: We report on the number candidates how many are moving forward to the next stage of the process and why people didn't want to progress to the next stage of the process.

  • Prep and Debrief Telephone Conversation: We have conversations with both the Client and Candidate, to ensure both parties are aware of all discussions that have taken place, including highlighting concerns on either side.

  • Salary Package Negotiation: We will facilitate all salary negotiations at every stage, ensuring there are no surprises for both parties.

  • Offer and Acceptance: We manage the transition whilst the Candidate works their notice, to ensure there are no hiccups along the way, and where necessary encourage further meetings with you to ensure no ‘counter-offer’ occurs.

Contingent Solution:

This process works well if after our discussions it’s clear that this is the most effective solution for your company at this stage in your process, or if we have brought an Impact Player to your attention who you believe will add value and you would like to meet them to discussion options. On occasion this may be when there is no head count approval but this talented person could be the right for the business to achieve your goals and objectives.

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