Profile Tools

We work closely with the candidate throughout the entire process; conducting thorough screening and discussions with them in order to understand their goals in terms of challenges, career advancement and salary expectations.

During our process, we use a number of profile tools to ensure we unearth the best and the right people for a role. These tools enable us to understand the skills, qualifications and experience which are essential for the role; whilst building a personal profile of attributes that the candidate must possess in order to ensure that they fit the culture of your organisation.

Candidate Evaluation:

​Our Project Coordinators have telephone conversation with

Personal career assessment:

​The Personal Career Assessment is a tool designed to help Candidates understand a variety of personal attributes (i.e. values, preferences, motivations, skills and abilities), the impact of their success have had, the potential success and added value they can bring to a company. They also precisely measure key attributes believed to influence an individuals potential success and satisfaction with a career and help individuals to clarify their goals in both work and life.

Each Candidate is expected to spend around 2 hours completing the Personal Career assessment. The first half is all about the candidate, and what is relevant to ensure a move will give them what they want for them and their family. The second half are agreed questions from the company in relation to the role.

Candidate Summary Notes:

This is a tool designed to assist the Hiring Managers to objectively and accurately assess the shortlisted candidates' experience, skills, main motivators, qualifications and their current compensation. This is a detailed document that allows us to highlight the Candidates' achievements and abilities, and why we think they are a right fit for the role.

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