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Workplace Culture in 2021

Posted-on January 2021 By Amy Bates

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​After the global pandemic, the biggest shift in the world of work has been triggered since 2020, and now that a third lockdown is under way in England, many new developments and improvements are expected to arise again in 2021.

As a result of the pandemic and its impact, it is anticipated that it will drive more shifts at a pace and scale that has never been seen. This year is expected to inspire new cultural developments within the culture of the workplace and workplace.

As they address the effects from the pandemic, leaders and HR experts must be prepared for the challenges ahead. A focused effort must be made to repair broken and disrupted organisational cultures while building on positive changes as a result of COVID-19.

Therefore, It is necessary to prioritise inclusive, connected and purpose-driven workplaces. It is time to drive technological innovations to bring people together, and 2021 must be a year of deliberate and positive transformation.

Research reported by O.C. Tanner Institute has found that 77% of workers believe that their workplace culture will never return to pre-COVID-19, indicating that the way we work has changed forever. Remote work is already expected to continue well into 2021 with the third lockdown in place, and since many workers have shown that work can be carried out from home, this is likely to remain.