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The Changing World of Work

Posted-on October 2020 By Amy Bates

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The last 6 months have turned the world of work on its axis through the impact of COVID-19, and we have a turning point that fundamentally changes the way talented professionals and companies find each other.​

The best and the brightest are taking on the challenges of a rapidly changing world of work. Both employers and talented technical, professional, executive and managerial workers will thrive if they look to the past and look confidently into the future. In times of cultural and business stress, a platform built on rational boldness can serve as a guide to growing companies and career development.

Looking back to 2008-2009, if you could go back to the depths of the great recession with the power of hindsight, what would you have done differently for your company or your career?

Even during the worst of the economic downturn, successful businesses and bright employees understood the fundamental strength of the economy and the power of innovative, forward-looking and calming leadership.

Top performers have a sense of boldness and optimism and can see that the time to invest in a business or career is when most others are frozen by fear or indecision. Using a time of stress and crisis to double-down and invest in your fundamental strengths and have the strategic insight to trim or even eliminate non-core elements of your business.

As a top performer, do not hesitate to look for new career opportunities at companies that your skills could help transform, even during the darkest part of the economic cycle.