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How will you be looking to hire the right talent? Interim, Contract or Permanent?

Posted-on August 2020 By Amy Bates

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As International Headhunters, we know the pandemic has had an incredible impact on recruitment. But now we are starting to go back to work, how are you looking to recruit? Are you looking to take on interim or contractors due to the uncertainty the pandemic has brought or will you be employing the talent you require permanently?

A recent survey conducted by APSCo showed that there has been a 14% increase in interim placements, as well as 18% increase in permanent placements. This shows that companies aren't as risk adverse as you may think.

From conversations we've had with our clients, we know they are hiring the right candidates permanently, as they know they will have a great impact on their business, and they are doing it now!

The survey conducted by APSCoalso showed that vacancies and placements are continuing on an upwards direction, as businesses slowly but surely started to re open. July saw the second month in a row that had an increase in month to month figures. Interviews also saw an increase with 63% increase during June and 6% during the last week of July. Interviews in June turned to placements and revenue throughout July. At the end of July, revenue from permanent placements was up an average of 53% when compared with the beginning, and contract placements were up by 11%.

Sandra Hill, International Headhunter and MD of The Hill Group said, "Whilst quite a few companies have recruitment freezes, we ask the question ‘What talent does the business need moving forward?”

If the right talent isn’t added to the team the business will go backwards. Interestingly some new or replacement senior management roles are being filled by interim staff. A consideration to think about is, what message do you wish to give to attract the best talent for your company?

We have found the talent we are working with are attracted to companies that are still filling critical roles that will impact their business moving forward in the next 18 months. They believe this shows they are looking at the big picture rather than reacting to something they can’t change."