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​Using Social Media to Learn About Candidates

Posted-on April 2020 By

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Nowadays, everyone has multiple social media accounts that they use to keep in touch with friends, illustrate their career goals, and more. As a recruiter or organisation looking for the best talent, it is therefore important that you use and evaluate social media profiles to learn more about your prospective employees. This information may be critical to finding your company's A-list workers.

It's not just about checking a candidate's timeline for angry rants or questionable photos — social platforms can also be a great recruiting tool. According to Betterteam, nearly 95% of recruiters use social media to post and promote job openings, and 59% of employees say they chose their current workplace in part because of the company's social media presence.

Here are ways you can effectively use social media to learn about candidates:

First, you can learn more about the candidate's behaviour. The popularity of social media continues to grow in both personal and professional use, with a lot of content remaining forever. Using social media platforms as both a medium to monitor potential hires 'past post types and quality and to find new writing samples.

Looking through the social media of a candidate can also unlock a lot about the individual's personality. It is very important for potential employees to be broken down not only by their expertise but also by their personality traits when recruiting for creative roles. Therefore, you may want to review a candidate's personality through their profiles in order to gain this kind of insight.

You can use social media as a way to connect with potential workers and see who is truly excited to be part of your company. It's important for businesses to see a potential hire engaging with their company or industry on social media. Rather than asking, ‘Are you familiar with our clients?’ companies can know if they a candidate has done their research and if they ‘like’ their clients by seeing if they've engaged online or not.

Social media will always be an important part of the recruitment process for organisations. By analysing the profiles of candidates without being invasive, you can gather information about their behaviour, personality traits and much more.