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How to Position Yourself as an Impact Player: Defining your brand

Posted-on April 2020 By

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​Few managers, executives or professionals become true Impact Players; talented performers who are at the top of their game.​

So, what sets them apart?

• Experience

• Cross-functional exposure

• Proven performance

• Visibility and branding

• They are early adopters

In 2018, top performers are expected to see average salary increases that are 73% larger than the increase given to most employees. They are promoted faster and are given more opportunity.

Defining your brand

Step 1: Decide how do you want to be seen

• Thought leader

• Proven performer

• Rising star

• All of the above?

Step 2: Build your authority

• Take on higher-profile projects

• Share your vision

• Think strategically

• Build consensus

Step 3: Be an Industry thought leader

• Speak at events

• Present at conferences

• Host a webinar

• Start a podcast

• Launch a YouTube channel

• Write for industry publications

• Answer questions on LinkedIn

Step 4: Reinforce your brand

• Create your own blog

• Publish articles on LinkedIn

• Guest post on Industry Blogs

• Contribute to trade publications

As an established authority in your field, organisations searching for executives will seek you out for pivotal leadership roles.

Step 5: Amplify your brand through social media

• Reserve your name as a domain name and on all forms of social media

• Keep your brand consistent across all channels

• Keep up with new channels as they develop