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​How to Build a Meaningful Relationship with a Recruiter in Your Industry

Posted-on April 2020 By

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To help you find a job in your industry, and especially if it’s in a niche role, having a strong working relationship with a recruiter can be crucial. After all, recruiters have key partnerships with companies and the organisations they represent. If you reach out to them, are personable and demonstrate your capabilities, the recruiter can effectively help you through the job-hunting process.

At some point in your career, working with outside recruiters is inevitable. Senior searches are often conducted by executive recruiters to preserve the confidentiality of searches and to access the widest pool of candidates. Plus, mid-level and entry-level searches are also addressed by recruiting agencies a lot of time, and it's helpful to develop relationships with these people earlier in your career.

While it is extremely important to develop a relationship with the hiring managers you work with during the work-hunting process, don't forget about the recruiters as well. Here are some tips on developing a meaningful relationship with them:

It's important to understand the difference between the recruiters you're working with. Get to know how the recruitment process works. There are two types of recruiters: contingent and retained. Contingent recruiters will only be paid if they hire a candidate, whereas retained recruiters are paid for the search, regardless of where the final hire actually comes from.

By knowing the difference, you can more effectively communicate with them about what you’re looking for as well as understanding the types of jobs these recruiters can help you find.

You should always respond to a recruiter who reaches out to you, and the best way to connect when they contact you. So, if you get unrequested calls from recruiters, take those calls, and if they are legitimate players, help them with their search — recommend people you know who's fit. Recruiters will remember candidates who are helpful.

You should make your LinkedIn page is u[p to date, so that recruiters have the most recent information on your career. This will help get you paired with recruiters who can help you find the best possible job, and lead to a strong start to get better opportunities in your industry.

Recruiters are essential to making a good next career move. By understanding their work, communicating with those who reach out to you and keeping up-to-date on social media, you can start meaningful relationships with recruiters that will pay off in the long term.