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Adapting to new ways of working as a result of COVID-19 is critical, and hiring professionals will have to be creative, to keep things moving.

Posted-on March 2020 By Amy Bates

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​With the Coronavirus continuing to affect the economies around the world, the economic damage has left few industries untouched. This has had a great impact on not only workers, but also the recruitment process.

Many businesses have put a freeze on recruitment until the effects on the economy, as result of the virus, are made clear. With measures put in place such as social distancing and working from home policies, to suppress the virus, has seen many companies turning to technology to maintain business stability during this time of uncertainty. They are conducting online interviews and meetings, in an effort to reduce some of the long-term business effects of COVID-19.

Many who are used to face to face interviews and meetings, will have to move to virtual screening processes for the first time. They will have to find new ways to bring themselves and their companies online.

There are many video conferencing apps which enable businesses to carry out online interviews and meetings, such as SKYPE, Microsoft Teams, Zoom and WeChat Work.

Conducting online interviews can be more efficient and convenient, here are some of the pros of conducting video interviews:

Lower costs

Conducting interviews online saves money on travel expenses, venue hire and when necessary, accommodation.

If you have a Candidate living in a different part of the world, you can invite them to participate in a video interview. There is no need to pay for a flight and a hotel just to get a feel for the Candidate. From there, you can measure if a face to face interview is needed, and the cost that comes with this type of interview is worthwhile.

Saves time

Video interviews relieve a lot of the pressure associated with this aspect of the hiring process. When organising face to face interviews, you can go back and forth, sometimes days trying to find a convenient time for everyone. With a video interview, it is easier to sync everyone’s diaries and there is no time needed to spend on travelling

Creates a convenient interview experience for passive candidates

Not all candidates are actively looking for work but are open to new opportunities. A candidate who is in full-time employment may have difficulty in rearranging their schedule to attend a face to face interview, causing a delay in the recruitment process and potentially cause a loss of interest for the Candidate.

However, they will be able to take the time do an online interview and it won’t have a huge impact on their schedule as they won’t need to take time to travel.

Assesses communication skills

Body language and the ability to communicate are desirable traits. Both can be assessed through a simple video interview. The hiring manager can capture the essence of every candidate, in the way they talk, dress and present their ideas.

Less pressure on the Candidates

Video interviews allow Candidates to be more relaxed, so they will be less nervous and will be able to answer all the questions thoroughly.

Doesn’t get in the way of productivity.

Once the interview is over parties can continue with their regular activities once the interview has finished.

Adapting to new ways of working as a result of COVID-19 is critical, and hiring professionals will have to be creative, to keep things moving.