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The Hill Group In Numbers

Posted-on February 2020 By Amy Bates

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​We recognise that in order to do this successfully, this requires a different approach than that of a traditional recruitment process. We invest time in your business, which allows us to become thoroughly familiar with your company, employees, products, working environment and culture.

​We believe that much of our success can be accredited to the lengths we go to, in order to ensure we deliver the right talent to our clients companies. 

Here are our numbers, to highlight why we are the experts in our field:

10 weeks to fill.

We work closely with key decision makers to ensure we develop a clear and measurable selection, and have developed a robust and proven process, which demonstrates the approach we use, to ensure we deliver the right talent that will make a real difference to your company.  We have the time and expertise to do an in depth search to ensure the candidates that match your needs are presented to you. Making the whole recruitment process quick yet thorough.

92% Success Rate

We successfully fill ALL the searches we work on. The 8% is those searches that were cancelled at the last stage.

87% of our placed candidates are still in the role we placed them in

Once we place a Candidate, we make regular contact with both the client and candidate to ensure everything is going well, and support both when need. 87% of our Candidates are still working in the roles we placed them in, and are extremely happy within their roles.

42% of our placed candidates have received a promotion.