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​How to get organised for the year ahead

Posted-on January 2020 By Amy Bates

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We start the new year off with good intentions, but by the end of the year most of us seem to rush to the finish line, unorganised and stressed. So, taking time to create a system that actually works and helps maintain your productivity, especially during times of stress, can help you to achieve all you want to achieve in 2020.

Having a system that works for you and is one that you can use effectively and consistently, can help you to get rid of the habits that prevented you from achieving all you set out to in 2019, and from performing your best.

It's time to reflect

Take some time to reflect on that past year. Think about your intentions and how they worked out. Did you achieve what you wanted to? Acknowledge what prevented you from performing at your best and distracted you.


Be realistic in planning your year and ensure that the solutions you create are easy to follow, especially when things get bust and stressful.

Breaking down your year into months, months into weeks which rely on good working days will help you to have a successful year.

Your plan should begin with your routine before you start work. How you get up in the morning, has a great effect on the rest of your day. So ensuring you have enough sleep to enable you to get up and have time to reflect and allow some form of positive nutrition will help put you in the right mental state, and help you focus on your day ahead.

Get organised

If you arrive at work and your work desk/station is a mess, this can cause your positivity to disappear. Having a clean and organised desk promotes a better mental clarity and allows you to stop wasting time looking for documents that are scattered around it.

Don’t try and predict too far in the future

We have no idea how the future will pan out, and whilst being organised is extremely valuable day-to-day, it shouldn’t prevent you from being flexible and quick to adapt. When these two elements are combined, the outcome is always positive.