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ProManchester's "Green Tech Symposium"

Posted-on October 2019 By Amy Bates

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​On 18/10/2019, Sandra Hill, MD was apart of the discussion panel at ProManchester's"Green Tech Symposium" event.

They welcomed a wide range of companies who are developing innovative new technologies to lower emissions, reduce our carbon footprint and improve our environment.

Throughout the morning, they heard from professional advisors, training providers and policy makers to help understand how every can benefit from these developments.

It covered everything, the whole of green energy from transport to waste disposal. The variety of topics was incredible, and it t gave you a perspective of how you could have an impact on something you were unaware you could have an impact on!

The following topics were discussed, and some interesting quotes were noted

(credit: ProManchester's Twitter)

Local energy trading and optimisation.

- “Only 41% of your energy bill is actual energy costs” - Vjay Natarajan, Qbots

Innovation in hydrogen fuel cells

- “We focus on developing advanced materials for fuel cells to eradicate or limit the use of precious metals”

- “We can do a lot by behaviour change, we can’t just focus on the science.”

Incentive energy storage

- “When it comes to energy, we believe that reward mechanisms must have a financial benefit to the user before behavioural change occurs.”

- “Global energy demand is around 35% higher, driven by increase in global prosperity.”

Is tech making transport green?

- “By 2050 demand for electricity is set to double.”

- “The young generation are a lot more conscious of infrastructure and transport. They are keen to either car share or not purchase a car.”

- “Street trees trap pollution in the streets, cities should be using hedges and trees. This reduces air pollution by 50%."

Waste disposal

- “Junk is something that we all have to deal with but is something that we really don’t understand.”

- “Better waste management and better resource management is critical for us to manage climate change.”

- “48% of SME businesses in the UK do not know where their waste goes when it leaves the premises.”

How to protect people from air pollution.

- “Street trees trap pollution in the streets, cities should be using hedges and trees. This reduces air pollution by 50%.”

- “We are working with schools in Manchester to create playgrounds that reduce pollution."

- “There is a concerning rise in asthma due to the intense increase of air pollution.”

- “In America it is recommended that any school should be 600 metres away from any road to not be affected by the pollution."

Business of green tech

- “Transferable skills are very important. There is a risk for small businesses that there is not time to train up new staff.”

- “There needs to be more British companies in the green tech market. They need to be more involved.”

Retrofitting property

Here are a couple of interesting facts that were taken from the event...did you know?

- Did you know that McDonalds use the fat from their chips to fuel their HGVs?

- Did you know that there are more charging points for electrical cars than petrol stations in the UK?