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Mental Health at Work

Posted-on October 2019 By Amy Bates

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Work-related stress and mental health can often go together, and the symptoms can be very similar. Work-related stress can provoke an existing mental health illness and make it more difficult to control. That's why it is important for businesses to have a Mental Health Policy in place, to establish the basis for prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation.

We spend on average 1/3 of our lifetime at work, and that can come with work-related stress such as; deadlines, workloads, co-workers, management styles, job related worries, security and workload etc. By providing resources that promote awareness, can help create an accessible and positive workplace, and educating employees about the ways to cope with stress, can help address any issues.

An employee could already be suffering with a mental illness that you are unaware of, and having the resources in place for them to use, and providing a variety of treatment options, can get them the help they need quickly.

When we are physically fit we tend to be healthier, and it’s the same with our mental health. Improving the mental health of your employees can improve thinking, decision-making, workflow, and relationships at work.

All of these translate to increased productivity, and your employees will see you playing a positive role in helping them to be their best selves.

Businesses should look at implementing initiatives around a policy, communication, training and treatment, and as a responsible employer, supporting your employees’ mental health is the right thing to do.