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World Mental Health Day

Posted-on October 2019 By Amy Bates

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Sometimes when we are feeling down, we put on a smile, to hide how we really feel. It can feel as though there is cloud is hanging over our head, and it’s those days that we push people away the most. It is easier to try and forget about what is going on and not bother others with our problems.

We needed to break the stigma, as we are all affected by mental health in one way or another.

Start the conversations, reach out to your loved ones, friends, family, community. Check in on those people who you think have it all together - maybe they’re struggling too, everyone needs a friend.

There are ways to help you and/or someone else to get through the bad days.

It’s OK to not feel OK

For more information about World Mental Health Day and the work the Mental Health Foundation do, please visit their website: