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Creating a Professional Presence Across all Social Media Platforms

Posted-on October 2019 By Amy Bates

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It’s essential for all professionals to have a strong online presence. A recent study found that 92% of recruiters are now using social media to find talented individuals. This shows just how important it is for those actively looking for new a role, to be present on social media platforms.

It’s not only non-passive Candidates who need to be invested in their online presence; professionals looking to expand their careers can also gain a lot from having a strong online presence.

Here some tips on how to create a professional presence across all of your social media platforms:


Linkedin is the best of the professional networks. It offers a great service for everything career-related. It offers a free online space for your CV and examples of your work, and enables you to connect with other professionals. To maximise your presence on LinkedIn, you need to manage your account and share content on a regular basis.

• Create a compelling summary.

• Highlight your achievements with action words.

• Add relevant keywords to your profile.

• Look at the profiles of those you admire or would like to be like.

• Identify companies that would benefit from you the most.

• Join groups and engage with them.

• Follow pages of target companies.


• Keep it positive and professional or keep it private.

• Consider creating a separate professional profile or page.

• Share content that fits your personal brand.

• Connect with others in your industry.

• Follow pages of target companies.


• Create a bio that shows your personal brand.

• Follow pages of target accounts.

• Like and comment on posts that are relevant to you and your industry.

• Use relevant hashtags so the can be found by non-followers.

• Include links to personal website(s) or contacts.


• Use Twitter as a platform for your expertise.

• Answer questions.

• Contribute to conversations.

• Share relevant content