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Six Top Traits of Leaders

Posted-on September 2019 By Amy Bates

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​When employees see that leaders care about their growth and aspirations, it inspires confidence, initiative and morale. However, nearly 50% of employees will leave a company because of their manager(s).

Many leaders often fail to see their own weaknesses, and for this reason, it's important for managers to evaluate their own performance to boost engagement, increase retention and keep employees happy.

Here are some of the top traits of how you can be a great leader:

Consider yours staff as equals:

Good leaders view their staff as partners. The best leader gives their staff autonomy and adapt a "hands-off" approach to their management style.

Personally support your entire team:

Support and encouragement from higher management makes employees feel enthusiastic and involved.

Manage your team with transparency:

A leader's honesty is most important to employees. Open communication will instil engagement in employees and is crucial for increasing team spirit and production.

Strong relationships drive solid results:

Good leaders value relationships and solve problems for their staff on an individual basis.

Take an interest in your team:

Employees have lives beyond the office, and good leaders get to know their team members individually. They form a personal bond, whilst noticing the qualities and skills that add to their professional growth and the business.

Identify strengthen and weaknesses:

Leaders can harness greater performance by distributing projects according to talent. You can expect better outcomes when projects are properly aligned with employees strengths.