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Sandra speaking at Promanchester's Event

Posted-on September 2019 By Amy Bates

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​This morning, Sandra Hill our Managing Director was part of the discussion panel at Promanchester's “Revaluing Soft Skills – Why they are critical to the success and your business” event.

The other members of the panel were:

Here are some of the great points Sandra made during the discussion:

  • “Empathy is a huge thing that businesses need to learn. They need to walk in their employees shoes and understand what is going on in their home lives. If you have the right culture people will stay even if they’re underpaid.”

  • “Management is about relationships. Millennials expect a caring relationship with their bosses more than anyone else. If you say you have a culture that has to begin with you, the employer before you put it on the employee."

  • “Leaders need to step back and learn they employ people who are good at what they do. Instead they try and do other people’s roles as well as their own. The main reason people leave their jobs is because of how they’re managed not because of the job role itself.”

Some other great points from the other members of the panel were made:

  • “We now have to be sensitive to the fact that people have sensitivities and people are people. They will always be offended or upset about things and we need to respect that and be aware of the fact that we encourage people to be different” - Laura McGowan

  • “The insult given to millennials that they desire management that give empathy and care is unfair. Why shouldn’t they expect that? We should be more emphatic naturally.” - Angela Partner-Smith

  • “The danger with culture and handbooks is that they don’t move with the growth and change of the business. We need to adapt to how different people learn and work.” - Alison Loveday

  • “Primary school environments are multi-sensory and an exploratory environment. This encourages kinaesthetic risk and play. The capacity of productive risk when this changes in older years creates an unhealthy fear of failure.” - Sam Grogan

  • “Every individual has their own USP and that USP is their personality. You have to look at that from a diversity point of view. If everyone was the same, learned the same and communicated the same life would be boring” - Laura McGowan

  • “If you have good soft skills - curiosity, resilience etc. and have the ability to connect ideas is effectively where we get better problem solving.” - Angela Partner-Smith

  • “The ability to deal with change is important for us and the ability to listen and problem solve and learn from feedback is really key.” - Laura McGowan