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Diversity in Engineering

Posted-on August 2019 By Sandra Hill, Owner and Managing Director, The Hill Group Ltd.

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It was widely reported in June this year that in 20 years the pay gap between men and women’s pay has improved to 19%, which is a significant improvement from the 1970’s, when it was first highlighted that women earned 63% of men’s wages.

Whilst this is great, how many women are part of Senior Management in the UK? The usual roles are HR or marketing, but why not in engineering related roles?

Of the 5.7m employees in engineering enterprises 11% of the engineers are women (see full article here). Diversity in the workplace is required to ensure the complexity of running a business, takes advantage of the many different ways of thinking. A diverse senior management team can enhance a business and importantly improve profitability.

When we are conducting a search in senior management, the lack of women is disappointing. This must start with schools where young women are encouraged to take the topics that naturally lead to engineering related roles.

This article demonstrates the work being done to change this. However, as they say it’s a start stop situation (see full article here).

Until change happens, we will find the industry suffers from a lack of talent. 51% of the population are woman, and Millennial's are attracted to other industries such as IT, PR and Digital Marketing.

Engineering must change, and it must start at the roots.